Utah Grizzlies @ Tulsa Oilers: Shots Allowed

Going into their second of three games in as many days, the Grizzlies got some reinforcements in Tulsa in the form of Kevin Davis. Saturday’s game also kicked off the first of two very important games in terms of playoff standings, and a potential first round match-up as Tulsa entered the weekend four points ahead of the Grizzlies. Joe Cannata once again got the start, while Ryan Galt sat for Davis, Utah going with seven defensemen and nine forwards.

First Period

  • Tulsa’s start has been a little better than Utah’s in the first four minutes, but not by much.
  • Wingers seem to be staying consistent, though the centers appear to be rotating at the moment.
  • Please go play in the offensive zone for a while.
  • The Oilers are really skating so far.
  • Very nice shift from Utah about half-way through the first.
  • Really, pretty uneventful all around. Neither team has held onto possession for any extended time.
  • Cannata looks quite collected, so there is that.
  • This game is quite a bit different from Friday’s. No penalties, a lot of speed, not a lot of flow though, for all that.
  • Tulsa picking up on the shots again, but Cannata’s met every one so far.
  • Really nice little move from Caleb Herbert there. It wasn’t anything particularly impressive, but really, there isn’t much going on.
  • Herbert with Ty Lewis and Austin Carroll is quite a fun line.
  • Would really like some more shots though.
  • I think that scuffle started with Mike McKee shoving Herbert into the net, which no one in white appreciated. McKee and Turner Ottenbreit both cool their heels with matching minors.
  • Ah bah. Tulsa strikes first with 38 seconds to go.
  • 1-0 Oilers, shots 13-6 in their favor.

Second Period

  • Please get some more shots this period.
  • Immediately giving up two shots was not what I meant.

  • On the other hand, Tulsa immediately goes back to offensive zone possession, which isn’t great.
  • Wouldn’t exactly say that Cannata has had to stand on his head, but he’s had to be quite sharp, that’s for sure.
  • Tommy Mele and Michael Economos very much wanted to drop the gloves, but the refs wouldn’t let them go. Matching unsportsmanlike conducts for the pair.
  • Shots are 20-10 for Tulsa just over five into the second. Too many shots against, not enough for…
  • Mele and Economos get their fight after all, just a couple of minutes later than they originally intended!!!
  • Oof. Ty Lewis got leveled.
  • Things have heated up, and McKee is causing all sorts of issues.
  • Too. Many. Shots. Allowed.
  • Good thing Cannata is seeing the puck.
  • Tanner Nagel is not at all afraid to lay the boom!
  • I think Zahn is playing forward with Economos in the box.
  • Cannata is the reason this game is still tied.
  • Six minutes left in the period, and Tulsa has 30 shots to Utah’s 11. That is not great.
  • McKee is gonna hurt someone before this is over.
  • That was a beautifully orchestrated rush from the guys, and it draws a power play!
  • If Utah does not score on this PP, it’s not through lack of effort. Four shots on it already.
  • Gage Ausmus with a really good one-on-one defensive play there, and Cannata makes the save.
  • Ok, so the bad news is Tulsa is out-shooting Utah 31-17. The good news is that they’re tied 1-1, which is what really matters.

Third Period

  • Grizz open the third with four great shots in the first minute or so.
  • Not like Devin Williams has looked anything other than cool as an irritating cucumber.
  • Unfortunately, they’re following that up with a stint in their own zone. No shots so far though.
  • Spoke too soon. Nice little glove save from Joe though.
  • Far too much zone time for Tulsa…
  • McKee and Ratelle get shown the door for Continuing Altercation. McKee has been agitating all night.
  • Too. Many. Shots.
  • At least the Grizzlies have climbed to a respectable amount as well.
  • Joe Cannata is in excellent form, which is why we’re still tied.
  • Cannata is 41/42 at the end of regulation, 1-1 headed into OT.


  • Well, getting a point is good. Getting two would be better.
  • Davis, Lewis, Herbert? That’s fun. Carroll, Walters, and Richart? That is also fun.
  • Oh lord, Gabriel Verpaelst blows an edge AND CANNATA SAVES THE DAY NOT ONCE BUT TWICE.
  • Oh goody. The shootout.
  • Not.
  • (Have I mentioned I hate the shootout??)


  • Herbert scores, but Tulsa takes it 2-1 in the coin-toss.


Joe Cannata was in true Joe Cannata form, stopping 46/47, nearly all of which he made look easy. His performance earned him a well deserved second star of the game. Ryan Walters’s seven shots led the team, while Ty Lewis followed close behind with six. The grueling final road trip of the regular season concludes on Sunday afternoon.



  • First Period: None
  • Second Period: Ratelle
  • Third Period: None

UTA: 0/3 (23 PIM)
TUL: 0/2 (25 PIM)



Photo courtesy of Action Sports Photography

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