Utah Grizzlies @ Idaho Steelheads: Road Rage

It’s the final road game of the season, and the final of a disappointing—and quite lengthy—road trip. With Joe Cannata called up to Colorado, the Grizzlies signed Alex Leclerc to an ATO. Jake Marchment and Cole Ully both returned to the lineup, but they also lost Ryan Walters after the game in Allen. So, once again, they went with nine forwards and seven defensemen.

First Period

  • All I want is for no one else to get hurt.
  • You can tell these familiar rivals haven’t seen each other in a while. Things looking pretty cautious in the first five minutes.
  • Much better possession for Utah now, which leads to a power play!
  • Oh those Idahops!
  • Good movement, no shots.
  • That was an almost ugly and also very pretty move from Charlie Dodero out of the box. Carr met him easily though.
  • Liking how the guys are looking. Unfortunately, Tomas Sholl is also looking good.
  • Not a lot of shenanigans, just hockey so far.
  • 8-6 are the shots for Idaho after 20, no score.

Second Period

  • Austin Carroll gets mauled in the offensive zone, and draws a power play.
  • Good possession, not enough shots.
  • Joey Ratelle takes a stick to the face by accident, possibly even from Carroll, and now Taylor Richart is hobbling off. This is Not Good.
  • And now it’s Teigan Zahn who’s down.
  • Very nice save from Carr there.
  • Shots went from 8-6 to 15-8 for Idaho right around the same time everyone got hurt.
  • Richart’s back, thankfully.
  • I do not know how that did not go in, but I will not be complaining.
  • Idaho’s got the momentum though, and it’s concerning.
  • Carr gets tripped, and Utah gets their fourth power play. Really would be good to get one here…
  • Not entirely sure why Moroz doesn’t like the call…it was pretty obvious.
  • Josh Anderson playing forward for Ratelle.
  • Carr draws ANOTHER power play!
  • So please get something going on this one…
  • KEVIN DAVIS MAKES IT 1-0!! That’s what I’m talking about.
  • The physicality has skyrocketed. Please no one else get hurt…
  • Zahn and Ondrej Vala drop the gloves, Zahn gets two for boarding.
  • Uhhhg tight angle shot goes off Carr and in.
  • …Wtf??????????????? Carr gets thrown out of the game???? Because…. rEASONS????? What did he even DO!???? No one really protested though, for whatever that’s worth.
  • Alex Leclerc making his pro debut!
  • Apparently Carr shot the puck into the crowd???
  • 1-1 after 40, shots 21-17 for Idaho.

Third Period

  • Ratelle’s back!
  • Laclerc stops all three shots he’s seen so far!
  • A lot more energy in this period so far.
  • Idaho gets in on a three-on-two, but they pass just a bit too much, and Caleb Herbert swoops in and leads the rush back up the ice.
  • I’m not the best at judging icing races, but pretty sure that’s the second puck that Michael Economos has gotten to first that’s still resulted in an icing call.
  • A great save there from Leclerc!
  • Moose draws a power play.
  • Anderson appears to still be playing forward, even with Ratelle back.
  • 2-1 Idaho with seven to go. Do not like.
  • White gets a point blank chance, but Leclerc shuts him down.
  • EN goal for Idaho.
  • Boo.




  • First Period: None
  • Second Period: Davis (Lewis, Ully)
  • Third Period: None

UTA: 1/6 (19 PIM)
IDH: 1/2 (17 PIM)


Photo courtesy of Action Sports Photography.

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