Utah Grizzlies @ Wichita Thunder: Under the Weather

With Gabriel Verpaelst and Nolan de Jong facing off against their former teams for the first time, the Grizzlies also dressed a couple of new additions. Forward Ty Lewis made his first appearance after being sent down from Colorado, and defenseman Duggie Lagrone made his pro debut as well. Joe Cannata got the start, while Cole Ully and Josh Anderson all sat out to make room for the new guys.

First Period


  • Cannata makes a number of really good saves as Wichita’s got all the shots since the goal.
  • DOESN’T MATTER THOUGH, AS CARROLL MAKES IT 2-0. Lewis and Ryan Walters picked up the assists. That line is doing pretttty good!
  • Walters with a really nice play short-handed.
  • Rebound goal on the power play for Wichita.
  • Aaaaaand Cannata gives up another on a rebound, so we’re tied.
  • That’s not ideal. The Grizz came out so hot, and then this.
  • End of the first, we’re tied up 2-2, shots 16-10 for Wichita.

Second Period

  • Thunder come out with a lot of pep to their step…
  • Well, that was bad. Richart was the only one back, and Wichita had numbers.
  • Far too many shots being allowed, and turnovers. Too much space being allowed too.
  • Shots are 21-10 just five into the second. That’s not good.
  • Jack Walker had a nice chance there, but also took a penalty. However, the kill was excellent this time, allowing zero shots.
  • Walker showing off those wheels.
  • Well, this shift was much better from Caleb Herbert and company.
  • Utah allowing a lot of zone time, but haven’t allowed a shot since before the penalty kill.
  • Nice shot from Richart led to a fight for the puck in front of the net, but Stuart Skinner snags it.
  • The back half of this period definitely was better than the front half.
  • Spoke too soon. De Jong makes it 4-2 with two to go. because of course.
  • Utah looking really inconsistent. They have moments where they collect themselves, and then things go wrong again.
  • Grizz end the second trailing 4-2, and out-shot 26-16.

Third Period

  • Just need to get one…then the other one is, well not easy, but much easier. I’d settle for some consistent puck possession, however.
  • A lot of rebounds tonight, but Cannata had a couple of big saves there.
  • When I said consistent puck possession, I didn’t mean by Wichita…
  • Another series of big saves from Cannata.
  • Carroll sprints in and draws a power play. This is a big one.
  • Orrr not. Not a very inspiring advantage so far.
  • Cannata with another big save two-on-one on the advantage. He’s giving the Grizzlies the chance to get back into it, but they’re gonna have to spend some more time in the offensive zone to help him out.
  • That’s not helping. Good kill though!
  • Ooof. That was almost disastrous. Good move from Gage Ausmus, and good support from Gabriel Verpaelst.
  • Utah definitely running out of time here, especially since they can’t seem to hold on to the puck for any length of time.
  • On the other hand, we’ve seen them score multiple goals in a very short amount of time.
  • Aaaaand an empty netter for Wichita.


The Grizzlies now head back to Allen for a game on Friday before two games in Tulsa.



  • First Period: Ottenbreit (Lewis, Richart), Carroll (Walters, Lewis)
  • Second Period: None
  • Third Period: None

UTA: 0/2 (14 PIM)
WIC: 1/4 (10 PIM)



Photo courtesy of Josh Pinnau.

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