Utah Grizzlies @ Allen Americans: Missed Opportunities

After last night’s whacky affair, the Grizzlies looked to erase their loss. The roster remained the same, although Kevin Carr got the start.

First Period

  • Grizzlies once again take an early penalty. Shots are far improved from last night already though!
  • Someone in the crease with a really great active stick to bat that puck out of harm’s way.
  • Why haven’t I seen Marchment since the penalty, meanwhile Walters and Herbert are double shifting…
  • That shot made Kevin’s water bottle go flying, but he makes the save!
  • Oh there’s Jake.
  • There was a good couple of seconds there where nobody on either team had any idea where that puck was, lol.
  • All the power plays belong to us.
  • Much better first period. Utah out-shoots Allen 13-6.

Second Period

  • Some nice shots to start the second with that 58 seconds of power play time, but Motte is sharp.
  • Are we gonna have to call Marchy the Gunslinger now?
  • Carr gets shoved away but still makes the save.
  • All sorts of chances there from Walters, Zahn, and Smith.
  • Irritatingly good kill from Allen there.
  • Economos flying short-handed. As he does.
  • Some four-on-four hockey coming up.
  • Now Motte loses his water bottle.
  • Allen with some momentum as the period draws to an end.
  • Ew. Why.
  • Allen plays their replays at the most inconvenient moments.
  • Richart leads the Grizzlies with five shots after two periods.
  • 2-1 after 40.

Third Period

  • Carr with some very nice saves to start the third as Allen controls play.
  • 1:11 of five-on-three for Utah coming up. Scoring on this would be big…
  • Best chances came from Ryan Walters.
  • That started as a really good defensive effort from Anderson and the others, and ended up as a painful goal.
  • Well. Talk about every opportunity to get a goal. Utah here, and nothing doing.
  • And another long five-on three (1:07 this time).
  • Once again, nothing doing. That’s definitely frustrating that they were given two such big chances and came up empty.
  • So of course Allen scores.
  • That’s Utah’s tenth power play of the night. This is definitely a change from last weekend.
  • Except that KC actually scored on their power play opportunities.
  • Well. That was an incredibly frustrating game for the exact opposite reasons from last weekend.
  • Empty net goal for Allen.
  • There’s a big crowd after the buzzer, and Allen gets penalties for unsportsmanlike conduct and roughing at the end of the game.
  • 4-2 Americans.

Ottenbreit now has four goals in his last seven games, and Josh Dickinson continues to tick along at a very nice pace.

Grizzlies look for revenge in the final game of the series tomorrow at 3PM.


  • First: Ottenbreit (Walters, Freschi), Dickinson (De Jong, Maxwell) (PP)
  • Second: None
  • Third: None

Utah: 1/10 (8 minutes)
Allen: 0/4 (32 minutes)


Photo courtesy of Action Sports Photography.

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