Utah Grizzlies vs Kansas City: Frustration Continued

Caleb Herbert and Nolan De Jong both returned to the lineup on Monday afternoon, De Jong taking over Josh Anderson’s spot, while the Grizzlies were finally able to dress 16 skaters. Kevin Carr got the start as Utah looked to take two of three on the weekend series.

First Period

  • Early power play for Utah, who’s been playing pretty well in the early going.
  • Ryan Walters just misses the open corner of the net.
  • The Grizzlies looking much more like the Grizzlies we’ve come to expect. Good hustle, some offensive flair, good defense, etc.
  • Somehow, Walters gets two for roughing, but there’s nothing for goalie interference????? Oh. He put the guy into Carr in the first place. Well then.
  • 1-0 Mavs on the advantage. I’ve heard this before somewhere…
  • That was a really pretty little move from De Jong to get the shot off without having to re-set.
  • Well. De Jong came to play. Clutches chest.
  • Economos boarded, Utah to the power play.
  • This power play is not great.
  • Aaaand KC makes it 2-0 on a scramble in front of the net.
  • Raats gets hit, and Ausmus isn’t amused.
  • Oh no, Moose. Why.
  • Carr with a huge save on the PK.
  • The Grizzlies are playing with pace, but not to great effect overall this period. Good kill though.

Second Period

  • KC power play over. Mumbles something indistinct about the Moose being loose.
  • Grizzlies with a couple of good shifts here, but Mason McDonald is still proving to be something of a problem.
  • Alright, really need to get something going on this power play…
  • Back in the lineup, back on the board. Boy having Caleb Herbert back is nice!
  • The Grizzlies always play better after they score a goal. Doesn’t matter if it’s in the first period or the third, they skate faster, and pass better, save better, etc.
  • Wowwwww Caleb Herbert is so much fun to watch. that was so nearly glorious.
  • Oh geez. Mavs get in two-on-none, and there’s not a whole lot Carr can do about that one.
  • And the Grizzlies were starting to play so much better too.
  • sigh
  • On the other hand, at least we’re not getting shut out.
  • Eick hauls down Zahn of all people, and we’re back to a big power play.
  • And no sooner is KC back at full strength then they go right back to the box for a practically identical move.
  • That’s more like it.
  • 3-2 after 40, shots 23-23!

Third Period

  • Much better start here. No official shots, but a better attack, and a very good job tying up sticks in the neutral/defensive zones.
  • Have I mentioned recently how much I appreciate Kevin Carr? Cause now might be a really good time to reiterate that.
  • De Jong is having a really good first game back, and I’m not just saying that cause he was my pick to click.
  • Dickinson and Raats both get tripping calls on the same play somehow.
  • Carr makes the save, and the Mavs player is holding his head in absolute disbelief.
  • Well, that’s infuriating.
  • The fans are not entertained.
  • Zahn gets thrown out of the game for being unhappy with the reffing, which after being normal all game, has gotten cartoony again.
  • On the other hand, that probably should have been a slash on a Utah player…
  • Honestly, I was ok with losing 3-2, cause it was an honest loss in what was mostly a pretty even game. This? This is infuriating again.
  • Walters draws a tripping call.
  • Sides caps off the hat trick.
  • Walters to the box.
  • Well this was an incredibly frustrating end to the series. Which is unfortunate, cause playing KC could have been fun.
  • Utah falls 5-2.

Both De Jong and Herbert made a big impact in their return to the lineup, De Jong being named third star for his goal and assist. Dickinson once again had a two assist night, and the power play went 2/7.

The Grizzlies will be off to Allen this week, where they’ll play games Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, hopefully putting this weekend well and truly behind them.


  • First: None
  • Second: Herbert (Dickinson, De Jong) (PP), De Jong (Dickinson) (PP)
  • Third: None


Photo courtesy of Action Sports Photography.

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