Utah Grizzlies @ Wichita Thunder: Caught in the Rain

Once again short-handed, the Grizzlies looked to complete their road trip on a high note with a sweep of the Thunder

First Period

  • Wichita seems determined to throw everything at the short-handed Grizzlies. Shots are 6-2 less than seven minutes in.
  • Ryan Walters draws the first power play, which is great, since they’ve spent rather a lot of time in their own zone. Hopefully this changes things.
  • Mike Economos bats in Gage Ausmus’ rebound, and we’re up 1-0! (And the shots are now 7-6!)

  • I’d say that changed things alright!
  • So of course Caleb Herbert heads to the box. But that’s killed off just fine!
  • Economos in there for a second goal, but no dice. Lots of Utah pressure past the half-way mark in the first.
  • Turner Ottenbreit and a couple of Thunder players go into the net behind Kevin Carr.
  • Both teams seem to be having trouble holding onto the puck as we pass the fifteen minute mark.
  • Oh geez. The last thing we need tonight is for Ottenbreit to be broken.
  • He seems fine.
  • A couple of important saves from Carr to end the period.

Second Period

  • Huge crowd around the Utah net, and Ausmus is headed to the box for cross-checking.
  • Another one of those collective ice is slippery moments.
  • Richart has blocked at least two big shots this period. He goes off gingerly. But fortunately, he’s back.
  • Oh bah. Wichita scores at 10:13.

  • Verpaelst has clearly been trying to start something. It hasn’t worked very well, and Raats declines to retaliate.
  • ECONOMOS WITH THE SNIIIPEEEE!! Henke and Maxwell get the assists on the power play!
  • Utah has two goals on three shots this period.
  • We’re also on double hat trick watch, as Walters picks up his second of the period.

Third Period

  • Everyone bites on the wrap-around, and Wichita cuts the lead in half.
  • And Ottenbreit is stung again.
  • And now Anderson. This is fine. Everything is FINE.
  • Ottenbreit appears to be hockey fine if nothing else.
  • Anderson too.
  • On the other hand…has Richart played a shift this period???
  • Oh, there he is. Everyone can breathe a sigh of relief.
  • Wichita cuts the lead down to one.
  • Honestly, I just want the team to get out of this without losing another player to injury…
  • Really.
  • Really???
  • UHG Tie game.
  • Carr with a diving save, and Jakob Stukel is looking to the sky in frustration.
  • Walters with a bid on one end, Wichita with a bid on the other, and we’re off to OT.


  • WELP.
  • Wichita finally beats the Grizzlies this season.
  • 5-4 Wichita.

Walters and Economos both had great games, and Walters was named second star.

This loss was especially galling considering that everything was well under control heading into the final five minutes of the night. However, on the bright side, the Grizzlies picked up three of four points despite playing on back-to-back nights with only 14 skaters, and nine of twelve points on the road trip.

The Grizzlies return home for a lengthy home stand, where they will face Idaho and Kansas City.

Photo courtesy of Rob Church.


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