Monday Munchies: Mitch Jones

During the 2017-18 season, we chatted with a handful of Grizzlies, including Ryan Walters, Travis Howe, Taylor Richart, and coaches Tim Branham and Ryan Kinasewich about their favourite foods, recipes, and more. Over the coming weeks, we’ll be publishing one every Monday, so get out your pots and pans, and enjoy!

What’s your favourite cuisine?
I’m just gonna have to say American, the standard steak and potatoes and all that good stuff.

Do you have a favourite recipe?
I do. It’s tater tot casserole. It’s something my mom has made for a long time.

So I assume that your mom makes it best?
Oh yeah. Absolutely, my mom or grandma, that’s for sure!

Do you like to cook?
I do. Especially if there’s a grill, I’m all about cooking.

Are you good at it?
I would say so. Sometimes not so good at other things, but when it comes to cooking something on the grill, or smoking something, I’m pretty good at it.

So you gave us a chicken casserole as a recipe, what do you like about that one?
I just think it’s pretty good. The combination between the soup, the rice, and the chicken, and crackers on top make it pretty tasty.

Who on the team, or among your roommates is the best cook?
I would have to say probably Windle. He makes a pretty good hamburger helper lasagna.

And what about the worst?
Definitely Travis Howe.

Delicious Chicken Casserole via All

If you try this recipe, or any of the others, take a picture and share it with us on social media (Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram)!


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